Megaliths and Ruins of Ancient Civilization

The Modern Antiquarian
Portal site of Megalithic Culture of Europe presented by Julian Cope, a rock musician and an antiqualian who has published two books about Megaliths of Britain and other European areas.

The Megalithic Portal
Another portal site of Megaliths. Massive resource of photographs and reports.

Stone Pages
A Web site of Megalithic culture presented by Italian Antiqualian group.

Ancient Stones of Scotland
A web site of Scottish Megalithic sites presented by the same group above.

Megalithic Walks
Useful access information to Megalithic sites in Britain and Ireland.
A Web site of Irish Megalithic culture.

Agates, Minerals

The web site presenting the most detailed information and sample photos of agates from all over the world.

The Agate Page
The Encyclopedia of agates presented by Dr. Roger Pabian.
The Web site of Johan Zenz, an agate collector of Austria. 
The home page of Henk Rayer, a Dutch agate collector.
The home page of Rainer Hoffmann-Rothe, a German agate collector.

Agates with Inclusions
The web site of Pat McMahan. Ultimate collection of agates with inclusions.

In the land of Telluric Marbels
The web site of Jacques Rossier, a Swiss agate collector. Lots of beautiful microscoped photographs of agates.

Dutch Agates and Agates from all over the world
The web site of Robert de Jager, a Dutch agate collector.

Iranian Agate Page
The web site of Maziar Nazari, Iranian Mineralian.

Agates from Argentina
The web site of Ricardo and Claudia Birnie, presenting Argentin agates.

Rini Saat's Agaten
The web site of Rini Saat, a Dutch agate Collector.

Scottish Agates
The web site of David Anderson, Scottish agate collector. Good photos and much information of agate localities in Scotland.

Agates from Scotland
The web site of Jean and Robin Field, Scottish agate collectors.

agates eu
Presenting agates from Poland.

Mineral Tivadar
Web site of Hungarian agates presented by Tivadar Pecsi

Web site of Turkish minerals. Lots of rare Turkish agates for sale!

Eibonvale Thunderegg Gallery
Web site introducing thundereggs from all over the world.
The best site about Kentucky agates. Good photos of various Kentucky agates and information.
Web shop of high quality Mexican Agates and rare Czech Agates.